Wellness Program & Total Body Modification with Jon

The Wellness Program at Radiant Acupuncture is the accumulation of my 15+ years in clinical practice blending Master Tung’s Acupuncture with UMAC/(CST), and Total Body Modification (TBM). With the most recent addition of Acu-point Injections of Homeopathic Medication and/or vitamins for trigger points, pain management, and lingering pathologies, we are able to offer a vast number of clinical therapies to help each individual reach their health goals. Throughout the years I have felt that these systems stem from generally the same foundation:

  1. They address the whole person on a physical, mental, emotional, and at times touch on the spiritual level.

  2. They find the root of the issues and illness, without sacrificing a person's quality of life. A lab report can only tell a small part of a person's whole story.

  3. They address “functional” health and wellness, which is the clinical study of the whole person as a transformational, living, functional system of checks and balances that need to be seen as a shared communication between those living systems.

  4. All health and wellness requires input and commitment from both the patient and the practitioner. It is a team effort.

  5. Finally, the energy that runs through us has the power to heal us. I am a facilitator for the body's own energy, power, and grace, not the director.

In some form, all of these fundamental ideas touch each of these types of treatment forms individually and collectively. The goal of the Wellness Program is to give us, practitioner and patient, an order of operations to work through the stages of transformation. That maybe seen in an acute injury to a progressive illness and then eventually to the stage of fine-tuning your system to be the best it can be. 

The hope is that we are able to set a plan into action through our joint efforts. We will create a set of benchmarks and goals that we can progress through. Each benchmark along the way addresses another step to building your self-awareness of how your own energetic system communicates with your physiology through your individual symptom presentation. The symptoms of an illness or injury are one of the wonderful ways our bodies try to help sharpen our awareness of what is working and what is not. 

We start the program by first setting up consistent appointments so we have set times for evaluation and treatment. The program consist of 10 appointments and treatments. The goal of working through the benchmarks is best done through blocks of treatment sessions. By processing the changes that we make during treatment and then evaluating those changes, again we can adjust progression to stay on track with the benchmarks. This way we can catch things that may have not been holding from earlier treatments, and catch acute injuries or illness—especially before they become more deeply incorporated into your system.

Session 1

The first evaluation and treatment session is the longest in duration and involves a complete intake that needs to be filled out prior to the session so we can review it together. Then we can go over the key issues I see and what you hope to achieve throughout the program. 

This is followed by a kinesiologic evaluation of your “Baseline Stress Level” at birth and the present day. This evaluation gives us a stepping stone to look at your “Map of Consciousness/Vibrational Levels,” first developed by Dr. David Hawkins and expanded on by Dr. Kevin Millet. 

With these baselines established, we have reference points to come back to as we work through your physiology, lifestyle, and diet updates. Next we continue with a Total Body Modification kinesiology assessment and treatment to get us started on working through your basic physiology pathways and some possible supplementation that your body may need to best continue progressing through the benchmarks. This treatment phase may take up to 30-40 minutes of our 75+ minute first session. 

Following this first portion of TBM we will continue treatment by blending Master Tung’s Acupuncture with UMAC/(CST) for 30 to 40 minutes. During this portion, we will be fortifying your constitutional physiology and any other challenges that came up during the TBM basics and benchmark assessment. This is also where we will be directly addressing acute injuries and pain that can so greatly impact the bodies daily energy expenditure. 

At the end of this first session I will give you some “homework,” so to speak. This includes a Consciousness Map graph to fill out and bring back, and a suggestion of key dietary points. Most importantly, this includes water, protein, and blood sugar balancing. 

The last piece of this first session directly relates to getting you set to be successful. Even with all of the changes we can make to diet, lifestyle, and turning your physiology back on, how we see and define ourselves and our role in this lifetime can either strengthen us or derail us. How many times have practitioners said “you're not holding your....” Pick your phrase depending on the practitioner—we all have our terms that all basically mean the same thing: the patient is better when they get off our table and by the time they are back in their normal life, what changed, has unchanged. This is a direct relationship to how we as individuals define ourselves. What is the story that is running in the back of your mind all day, every day? 

This is the first small step at looking into our “Core Falsehood and Core Truth.” The first step is the personal inquiry part. Asking yourself questions that at times maybe uncomfortable and incredibly rewarding. 

Session 2-4

The next 3 sessions will be 40 minutes in duration and consist mainly of TBM benchmark evaluation and treatment. While this is clearly dependent on how you present that day, we will utilize the full treatment duration with active treatment. So if your body's energetic system reaches “High Thymus” before your treatment time is finished, we will utilize other treatment modalities for the remaining time. The goal is to be consistently processing through the benchmarks. The beauty of blending modalities is that we can directly communicate with your body in present time through the kinesiology assessment of TBM, and the CranioSacral Rhythm of CST and UMAC to know when your body's energetic system needs time to process the changes that we have made and when it is able to take more input.  

At the completion of the 4th treatment we will have hopefully made it through all the basic physiology, basic emotional physiology, and worked through some of the structural restrictions that may have been using up much of your daily energy expenditure. With these circuits all working and your own awareness heightened, you will be able to evaluate on a daily basis when and what stressors are more challenging for your overall system. While you may be able to start working through how to correct these stressors—or at least how to avoid them before they completely blow out your energetic circuitry—this will open the pathway for us to dip deep into the more complex Benchmarks and constitutional challenges.

Session 5

The 5th treatment session will again be a longer duration, 75+ minutes. This session will focus on re-evaluation of how we have been doing. We will address which areas physically, physiologically, mentally, and emotionally have been difficult to address, difficult to hold change, and which ones we need to address more in the next sessions. Along with the re-evaluation, we will be continuing the process of going into the next stages of benchmarks and illness assessment and treatment. This may consist of addressing situational stressors, reoccurring thoughts, and habits that are stressors on their own. We will also be looking more deeply into diet and supplements, if needed, to support you on your path to health. 

Much like the first session, this session will be TBM, and Master Tung’s Acupuncture blended with UMAC/CST.  

Session 6-9

Sessions 6, 7, 8, and 9 are again primarily planned as TBM. These are also the sessions that could include AIT (AcuPoint Injection Therapy), with Vitamin B12, B6, and/or Homeopathic injectables, and UMAC depending on your own personal presentation the day of your session. 

The focus of these four sessions is to continue to work to uncover any underlying issues through direct Kinesiologic Menuing. The advantage of being able to “ask” your body what it needs directly, and either utilize “programmed sequences” of active reflex’s that have already been developed over the past 40 years of TBM’s existence or creating your own personal “programs” is not only highly effective, it can actually be fun. 

Throughout these sessions we will work through a comprehensive sugar, energy, allergy, and immunological exams. Each of these contain many steps. Some may take more then one session to complete. 

As each comprehensive exam and benchmark is completed, it will become easier for you to able to listen to your own personal triggers and indicators. Our work will help you to self-regulate daily, speeding the process of recovering from situations and exposures that in the past could have taken days to come back from. All 4 of these sessions are set on a 40-minute duration. 

Session 10

The 10th and final session of this program group is another longer 75-minute session. Again, we will re-evaluate how far we have come, getting through the benchmarks and addressing the challenges that we talked about during the very first session. This is where those first baseline evaluations come in handy. We will go back and look at where your Baseline Stress Level is, and if possible, look at your personal Consciousness Level Map and see if there are any new points to add to your graph and their calibration.

We will then run through TBM assessment and treatment, checking in to make sure you are aligned with your Core Truth and able to maintain your blood sugar control, and possibly just work through the Comprehensive Exams picking up any parts that are needing a little more work. We can also work in Master Tung’s Acupuncture and UMAC/CST. 

By the completion of these sessions, we will have an idea of what next steps we need to make. We will also discuss how to implement them. 


Acupuncture: Master Tung's Classical Acupuncture

The history of Eastern Medicine and acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years in China. For most of Eastern Medicine's history, the many different branches of care and treatment were separated by families into their specific families’ style.


CranioSacral Therapy is by definition a hands-on technique that utilizes the rhythmic flow of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid for assessment and treatment.