At Radiant Acupuncture, our Fee Scale follows a simple idea: You the patient are responsible for the time you spend with me, the provider. I am contracted with many insurance companies, so I am able to bill for some services, like Acupuncture and sometimes Manual Therapy. I strongly suggest that you contact your personal insurance carrier first to make sure I am on their network, and secondly to find out what is your personal responsibility, as in the % or copay, and deductible of your personal plan. I am not an insurance broker and I do not want to give you incorrect information. 

If I am not going to be billing your insurance carrier, then all fees are due at the time of service.

NEW PATIENTS: 75 minute first visit.

$200: all services offered at Radiant Acupuncture. This session will include: New Patient intake, assessment, physical diagnosis and energetic diagnosis, and New Patient treatment, which may include: Master Tung’s Acupuncture, Total Body Modification (TBM), Unwinding Meridians applied to CranioSacral Therapy (UMAC), Functional Nutrition, and possibly vitamin and / or herbal assessment and suggestions.


$80: All services offered at Radiant Acupuncture. This session will include: Returning patient review / intake, assessment, diagnosis and treatment which may include: Master Tung’s Acupuncture, TBM, UMAC, Functional Nutrition, and possibly vitamin and / or herbal assessment and suggestions time allowing. 

WELLNESS PROGRAM PACKAGE: 3 sessions of 75 minutes and 7 of 30-40 minutes.

$1000: Combination of all services, TBM, UMAC/CST, and Master Tung’s Acupuncture plus supplements and dietary suggestions. 

10 total sessions. Please see link for additional information and payment options.


$25: UMAC menuing and harmonizations services. These are intended as quick fill in sessions for established patients to address an issue that has come up between regular appointments. These are administered at a distance and do not require coming into the office. 


Cost: $40 (Cash or card only)

During this appointment, we will review findings on new lab panels from the other members of your healthcare team, supplements and/or herbal suggestions, and Kinesiology Tapping.

Your “healthcare team” might include your doctor (MD, ND, DO, DC) or any other practitioner you go to for care. This could even include a pastor, life partner, etc. I am inclusive in regards to who you see for treatment, and I do not expect you to stop seeing the other members of your healthcare team if you are also seeing me for treatment.

This appointment is also intended as a TBM (Total Body Modification) appointment. We will be able to do continued care evaluations and treatment and “menu” new challenges to your functional health and wellness.

By “menu,” I am referring to dialoguing with a patient’s body. Imagine a drop-down menu on a computer or a website—from here, you are able to click on and select the next page you wish to visit. Your own “bio computer” (body computer) can be viewed in a similar way—each muscle test we perform is, in a sense, a “click” that will provide us with new information. With muscle tests, a “strong” reaction = YES, and a “weak” reaction - a NO.

For example:

“Is your given condition based on a “physical” condition?” If it is “strong” (YES) that opens the “menu” for physical things. Think drop down menu: now you continue asking questions (menuing) asking with a muscle test for each question, “(1) bones, (2) muscles, (3) tendons, (4) ligaments, (5) organs etc. At each “weak” test = (NO) we are looking for a “strong” = (YES) which tells us that is the place that we need to start working from.

This 20-minute session can be utilized as additional time that is added onto the Established Returning Patient appointment duration either directly before or after your scheduled appointment time. This session can be tagged onto other service durations to increase the amount of time for a session, and the intent is to allow us to increase the time we have together in order to review labs, manual functional Kinesiology testing, etc.

This 20-minute session is also intended as a quick, stand alone, single issue appointment that we address from a Functional Kinesiology (TBM) approach.

(An “Established Returning Patient” is anyone that I have seen for any previous service. This means that we have already completed the longer NEW patient appointment, and we have developed some sort of treatment plan.)

I strongly believe in open access to patients of all age, gender, race, sexual preference, and social economic status. As such, I contract with many insurance companies and provide billing when possible. I also am open to discussions of payment plans for services either non-covered by a patient’s insurance plans or when a benefit has been exhausted already for the calendar year. 

For patients without insurance please text or email me directly if there are questions or concerns about the current fee scale. 

FEES: Cash, check, credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) are all excepted. Many HSA (Health Savings Account) debt cards are also accepted with the understanding that most HSA accounts will require some sort of proof of service (treatment) and possible coding for patients to receive reimbursement for services and products.

INSURANCE: If I will be billing your insurance then all copays are due at the time of service. Deductibles and % will be invoiced once your insurance carrier has sent me an EOB indicating the amount that needs to be collected. Please check with your personal insurance company as to what services and providers are covered. I am not an insurance broker and do not know all the ins and out of insurance as they stand today. Ultimately you are responsible for all services . 

Most insurance plans now require pre-approval for services prior to payment for services. This is also greatly impacted by the individual insurance companies policies as to how many dates of services they will pay for, even if you still have not reached your total number of sessions for the calendar year. 

As a reminder, my license in the State of Washington gives me the scope of practice to “touch” bodys and preform manual therapy services such as Chinese Medical Cupping, Functional Physiology (TBM, NIS), and Unwinding Meridians Applied to CranioSacral Therapy; however this does not mean your insurance company will reimburse (pay) for those services. 

I believe in affordable complimentary care and also offer a number of sliding scale or income sensitive options for folks. Please ask. I will work with you, as best I can to accommodate individual needs.

My fee scale reflects the additional training and time that I have invested to create a practice that focuses on you the individual patient, and client. You are more then numbers on a lab report. You are paying for the time that I am with you, not an assistant. As a part of my investment in your care I also value your commitment to achieve health and wellness through participation in the treatment plan that we set out.

I understand that insurance can be very confusing. I find that the main idea to understand is the difference between:

 “Office Visit” Your PCP (MD/ND) are able to bill your insurance for the time they talk with you. This is an “Office Visit” and most companies do not limit the number of these Office Visits you may have per-calendar year. 

 “Service.” I am a “Service Provider” which means the insurance company limits the number of times you can see me per-calendar year, and ONLY pays for that given Service, (Acupuncture).This now is also dependent on “Pre-Approval” for the service (Acupuncture, Manual Therapy) for each injury. The number of sessions pre-approved is based on what the insurance companies risk management department has determined is a “reasonable average” number of sessions to reach maxima recovery. This number has nothing to do with the total number of session your insurance policy says you have each year.