Karen's Fees & Insurance Information

I am in network with these health insurance companies: Premera, First Choice, and Moda.  

Out of network clients will need to pay me the full service fee at the time fo service. I do bill under two codes that are for a range of time: 

  • 40-50 minutes (cpt code 90834) at $135

  • 53-60 minutes (cpt code 90837) at $160

With many insurance companies, I can often send in your receipt electronically so you can receive your reimbursements more quickly. Regence, Aetna, and Cigna are out of network, and I can generally send in your receipts for you.

Regardless of me being in or out of your insurance companies network, I encourage you to know your benefits for outpatient mental health.

You will need to ask your insurance company about any annual deductible amount, how much of your deductible has been met or not, the amount of your co-pay or if they cover a percentage what the percent is (so you know what percentage you will be responsible for at your appointment).