What is Total Body Modification (TMB)?

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I see TBM much the same as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: TBM can be a stand alone complete healthcare system that can be utilized as one of the keys to returning and maintaining and improving a person’s health, wellness, and quality of life. TBM is not designed to treat acute injury. However, by being able to directly communicate with your “functional” body and address your “functional” Physiology through the use of applied muscle testing, we can address conditions that may not yet be at a level of illness that allopathic blood testing can assess. This also gives us the ability to quickly and easily start treatment of these conditions to slow and hopefully stop their progress.

In essence, TBM in part functions as preventative healthcare. With so many factors leading to illness, preventing various symptoms from becoming established as your body’s norm can greatly improve your overall health and quality of life.

Many of TBM’s fundamental reaction zones or reflex areas are directly related to the acupuncture points and meridians that make up the body’s subtle energy network. These reflexes function much like an “on/off” switch that directly communicates with your functional neurology.

The primary key here is to understand how the term “functional” is being used. In many allopathic medical offices, the need to find a diagnosis of an illness or disease is the primary concern. That diagnosis is fundamental in addressing a biological problem that either presents as something that can be seen through an image, x-ray, MRI, etc. or through irregular numbers on blood panels.

While these tools are very important, they do not address the progression of what might be an illness or disease. These tools also do not address how health issues may impact the active minute by minute and day to day functional communication between your structure, bones, tendons, muscles, and, for example, your organs or brain function. This is what we mean by functional—the here and now, whether you’re in my office, in your car, at home, etc.

For the most part, TBM is very non-invasive. It does not require a change in clothes and it does not use needles to treat imbalances. It does require that you, the patient, come with an open mind and it may need you to address some of the lifestyle changes that many of us know we “need” to do but have yet to truly commit to. Some of these lifestyle changes might include things like drinking more water, managing our balance of sugar/carbohydrate/protein type and intake, exercise, sleep, etc.

All of these are important concepts and functions to turn your system—your functional body—back on and back to healing itself.


Acupuncture: Master Tung's Classical Acupuncture

The history of Eastern Medicine and acupuncture can be traced back thousands of years in China. For most of Eastern Medicine's history, the many different branches of care and treatment were separated by families into their specific families’ style.

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The Wellness Program at Radiant Acupuncture is the accumulation of my 15+ years in clinical practice blending Master Tung’s Acupuncture with UMAC/(CST), and Total Body Modification (TBM).